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  • Manufacturing Consulting
    Callisto consulting services help clients achieve maximum output from their existing manufacturing resources. We help our customers identify opportunities for improvement and make the technology and organizational changes required to realize those improvements.
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
    Callisto delivers information required by factory personnel to effectively manage the manufacturing process from order launch to the production of finished goods. Using current and accurate data, the MES guides, initiates, responds to, and reports on plant activities as they occur.
  • Control System Engineering
    As a Controls System integration firm Callisto offers full integration services for PLC, DCS, and SCADA applications including requirements, design, development, testing, commissioning and training. In addition we offer panel and field wiring design.
  • Automation Equipment
    Our Mechanical division specializes in designing and fabricating custom machinery. With our extensive experience in a wide range of industries, we are expertly positioned to integrate our solutions with your equipment to produce an optimized manufacturing facility.

Our Mission

At Callisto, our mission is to harness ideas that enable people to prosper.  We create ongoing value for our clients and partners, improving business and manufacturing processes through the strategic application of technology.


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Company Overview

Callisto Integration is a leader in the design, development, and implementation of Enterprise through Advanced Control systems, including MES. Callisto offers a full range of services including shop floor controls and SCADA systems, ERP integration, and manufacturing execution.

The Company leverages its in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes to implement solutions that directly address a client's business and manufacturing objectives. Callisto is committed to providing the systems, tools, and training that enhance a client's productivity improvement initiatives.

The Company provides complete programming of programmable logic controllers (PLC) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. Callisto has over 190+ experienced professionals with backgrounds in electrical, mechanical, chemical, and computer engineering that are able to solve a variety of complex industrial control problems. Callisto has executed over 4000 projects for companies throughout North America and the world since 1988. The company is a registered member of the Control & Information System Integrators Association (CSIA).