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Who We Are

At Callisto we are driven by the belief that what we do makes a difference.

While as a Systems Integrator the work we do – Manufacturing Execution Systems, IoT Solutions, Controls & Automation – is technical, we don’t believe in technology for the sake of technology. We believe in technology because it empowers our customers and the people who work for them.

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What We Do

Callisto solutions enable the modern factory and elevate the role of factory operator to that of a knowledge worker. Our systems help ensure products are made right the first time, and track, capture, and analyze process, product, and production data, ensuring unexpected situations are recognized, responded to, and rapidly resolved. Our solutions get the most out of the contributions of your people and assets, maximizing your results.

Controls & Automation

Controls, HMIs, and SCADA systems are at the heart of any manufacturing process.

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Efficient, effective manufacturing operations are what allow manufacturers to serve their customers well and to thrive as a business.

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IoT & Digital Manufacturing

The Internet of Things connects the manufacturing world in ways that were never before practical, enabling new digital business models.

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Manufacturing Consulting

Aligning technology solutions with operational and business objectives just makes sense.

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Who We Work With

Our technology partners are one of the keys to our success. It’s not just about knowing the technology; it’s about having a deep working relationship that enables our partners and Callisto to collaborate in order to deliver the best solutions possible to our customers.

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