Manufacturing Operations Done Right - The First Time

High product mix, small order quantities, short lead times. Continually changing product and packaging variations. Personnel turnover. Customers and consumers that demand high quality at a low price. These are the realities of today’s manufacturing environment.

An MES ensures the right information is delivered to the right people and equipment, at the right time, so that products are made with the right quality, for the right cost. Recipes are automatically downloaded, ensuring equipment is set up properly and the correct materials are used, and that standard procedures are followed. Test plans are enforced; quality results are monitored in real-time; and off-spec product is prevented from entering the supply chain. Asset performance is monitored continuously to ensure availability and throughput.

And not only does an MES enforce good manufacturing practices, it creates an end-to-end digital record of everything that takes place, providing a rich repository of data to support root-cause-analysis and continuous improvement efforts.

Model-Driven MES - MES for the Enterprise

Callisto is a global pioneer in the field of model-driven MES. Model-driven MES combines BPM (Business Process Management) and its ability to optimize and standardize operational processes with traditional MES and its ability to proactively manage shop-floor activities in real-time.

Model-driven MES transforms MES from being a plant-centric solution to being an enterprise scale solution.

Callisto’s Model-Driven MES approach digitizes and integrates business and operational processes both across the factory and between the factory and the enterprise. This approach drives standardization across multiple sites, while at the same time maintaining the configurability required to accommodate site specific practices. The results? Reduced implementation costs, faster time-to-benefit for the customer, improved system flexibility, and reduced total cost of ownership.