Callisto Integration Opens Support Center of Excellence

Callisto Integration announced their Albany, OR office has been designated as Callisto’s Center of Excellence (COE) for their world class solution support.

Traditionally, Callisto Integration has supported their industrial automation customers through focused account teams located across their five locations (Oakville, ON; Warwick, UK; Richmond, VA; Albany, OR; and Rotterdam, NL). Creating a single COE for support allows Callisto to manage all support activities from a central location, and more efficiently serve their 20+ support customers, representing multiple industries, located around the globe.

The COE is staffed by a team of dedicated support engineers and developers, available to assist with incident resolution 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Benefits of working with Callisto’s Support COE include:

  • Direct access to knowledgeable engineers and developers
  • Customer-accessible Incident Ticketing & Tracking System
  • Monthly incident summaries & quarterly performance and usage reviews
  • Alignment and coordination with development teams

In additional to incident response, the COE is able to provide these services to customers:

  • System Enhancements
  • System Lifecycle Maintenance and Planning
  • Cyber-Security Assessment
  • Proactive System Monitoring

For further information, please contact Dan Purcell, General Manager, Callisto Albany,, +1 (541) 924-1741.