Why Join Our Team

Don’t Just Have a Job - Have a Career

Our dynamic environment keeps life interesting. Each project provides new challenges and problems to solve, with opportunities to work with new teams and new clients.

Solve customer problems - from start to finish. Being involved in projects from start to finish benefits both the customer and our teams. You will develop a wide range of business and technical skills over the full project lifecycle, from requirements and design, to development and testing, through to installation and start-up at the customer's site. You will gain an understanding of the customer’s business and operations; knowledge that you can continue to leverage as your career progresses.

Our steady growth year over year creates opportunities for new responsibilities and career advancement. Advancement opportunities and compensation are tied back to individual performance - you’re in the driver’s seat. With overtime, lieu, and profit sharing policies in place, we work hard to make sure your hard work is rewarded.

Own Your Success

Callisto is an employee-owned company. Full-time employees are eligible to buy shares in the company. Investing in Callisto is just like any other financial investment; you have to decide if it is the right thing for you. But if you believe in your future and the future of the company, we want you to be able to share in our success.

More Than Just Work

Need to blow off some steam? Grab a co-worker an have a game of foosball, ping-pong or pool. Or grab your handy Nerf blaster and start a Nerf war. (Nerf gun mods encouraged!)” Hungry? We’ve got you covered with our summertime barbeques. And perhaps you’ve heard of Callisto’s famous year-end party – you work hard all year, so we like to celebrate the end of the year by whisking you and your significant other away to a resort for a weekend of fun with your co-workers.


COSO is Callisto’s social club, organized and run by interested employees and backed by the company. Tree-top trekking, laser tag, paddle boarding, yoga, paintball, go-karting and board games. These are just some of the events COSO organizes on a regular basis. Teamwork is critically important to what we do, and the events that COSO organizes gives everyone a chance to get to know and bond with their co-workers outside of work.

COSO also takes a leadership roll in our charitable efforts, looking for ways to give back to the community while bringing the Callisto family together. Whether fundraising for charitable groups or organizing food drives, COSO is there to help.

Toast Masters.

Callisto Integration is committed to developing our people. In October of 2013 we founded Callisto Toastmasters; a learning forum to provide our employees with a unique opportunity to build their communication and leaderships skills. During a weekly meeting, members practice speaking and presentation skills in an open, collaborative and positive environment. The results are applicable in all we do; we benefit not only as a company but also as individuals who bring clear communications and confidence to our business activities and daily engagements with our customers.

FIRST Robotics.

The purpose of FIRST Robotics is to “To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology leaders.” Callisto has been involved in FIRST since 2008 through sponsoring teams and providing volunteer mentors. We believe that investing in community programs for youth in the technology sector is important not just for the youth, but for our industry as a whole.